Thursday, February 17, 2005

XM Launches Baseball Channel

XM Satellite Radio recently launched "MLB Home Plate" on channel 175. Home Plate will be a 24 hour baseball only sports-talk channel featuring various shows on baseball topics, fantasy leagues, memorabilia, and game highlights.

While driving to work this morning, I sampled Home Plate for the first time. I was listening to the MLB This Morning show with Mark Patrick and Larry Bowa. I'm sure that this first impression won't be a lasting one. After all, the season hasn't started and Spring Training is just getting under way. There's not a lot to talk about in the baseball world. Patrick and Bowa might be great when talking baseball, but what I heard this morning was a lame attempt at filling time. Bowa discussed "American Idol" and Patrick's sweatshirt while Patrick kept doing various impressions.

I'm sure once the season gets started, this will be a good channel to tune into to keep up on the latest baseball news. Until then, I think I'll pass...

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