Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Quantity over Quality

Dan's recent blog on the risky art of drafting pitchers reminds me of the Royals' rotation for 2005.

Dan says "it is prudent to sometimes sacrifice quality for quantity." That describes the Royals' pitchers to a tee.

Their best pitcher, Zack Grienke, is only 20 years old but heads into '05 as the ace of the staff. Joining Zack as a lock for the starting rotation is journeyman Jose Lima who is taking his second turn with the Royals.

Beyond those two, the rotation is wide open. For three slots, the Royals will have these pitchers in camp:
  • Kevin Appier

  • Kyle Snyder

  • Runelvys Hernadez

  • Brian Anderson

  • Jimmy Gobble

  • Denny Bautista

  • Ambiorix Burgos

  • Chris George

  • Mike Wood

There will be plenty of competition for those remaining rotation spots. Quantity over quality...

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