Friday, February 18, 2005

Stadium Split?

The Royals recently announced that they are content with staying in Kauffman Stadium and letting Jackson County do just enough improvements to meet the lease requirements.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs have annouced that they won't be satisfied with just the required improvements and are asking for an extended tax to pay for more far-reaching improvements to Arrowhead Stadium.

There have also been discussions about a downtown stadium for the Royals, removing them from the Truman Sports Complex. I believe we have come to a point in time where having the two teams tied to one lease isn't such a great idea.

The two teams live in different worlds and play under different circumstances. They should not both be included in one lease. At the very least, the county should have separate leases for each team. Then the teams can pursue their interests without affecting the other.

It apparently won't happen anytime soon, but I believe the best solution is to move the Royals downtown and then build a new football stadium at the current site of Kauffman Stadium. Then raze Arrowhead for additional parking for the Chiefs.

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