Friday, February 11, 2005

Is it possible to have too many choices?

There was once a time when you could go to the store and easily buy a tube of toothpaste. Those days are long gone.

I heard an advertisement on the radio this morning for a candy company. They were describing all the candy they have available for Valentine's Day. They mentioned many different choices including low-sugar, sugar-free and low-carb candies. What ever happened to just plain old chocolate candy? That ad reminded of a recent trip to the grocery store.

I went to the bathroom supplies aisle to get some items. First, a new toothbrush. I like those old Oral B toothbrushes. You know, the one that is basically a plastic stick with some bristles? I like those. You can’t buy them anymore. Toothbrushes now come in all kinds of different shapes, styles and colors. They have rubber grips on the handles. They have different sized and colored bristles for brushing each tooth idividually. They have even have ones that spin and vibrate and make noises. Sorting through all the choices to find a plain toothbrush can take forever. In fact, the only one I can find now is a store brand toothbrush that I’m sure will be discontinued soon. Grrr.

Then I tried to find some shampoo. Plain, old, regular shampoo. My hair’s not especially dry or oily or flat. I just need something to wash my hair. Again, with all the different choices, scents, and special features, it took a while to find regular shampoo. And it didn’t help that at my store, shampoo is divided into two different areas. Why would they have some shampoos here, and other shampoos over there? Grrr.

Next up was toothpaste. I’ve always used Crest gel. Just plain Crest gel. Now there is tarter control, whitening, bubble gum, mint… Too many choices! Just give me plain toothpaste! Grrr.

When I arrived at the store, I was intending to also pick up some beer and coffee (you know – beer-flavored beer and coffee-flavored coffee). After the toothpaste, I was exhausted, so I just checked out.

“Plastic or paper?” Grrr.

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