Thursday, January 15, 2004

Tough to be a Parent
Last week, my 10 year-old son Joey came home from school all excited about a band called Pomeroy. It seems the school music teacher is friends with this regional band, and she had them stop by the school for a short concert assembly.

Seeing a real live band perform up close and personal can really spark fandome. That's why performers tour - assuming you'd be so impressed that you will then go buy the CD.

This is what happened. Joey loved Pomeroy so much that he wanted to go buy the CD. The band, of course, encouraged the kids to do so, mentioning that it's available at the local Best Buy store.

So, we bought the CD. As we were driving home from Best Buy, we put it in the CD player to check it out. Much to our surprise, we heard language that isn't appropriate for kids. Now, the language wasn't awful (no F-words and no mention of killing cops or anything like that), it was just innapropriate.

It just proves that as a parent, you must be very diligent about what your kids are doing. Imagine if I hadn't bothered to listen to the CD, and it did have worse material...

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