Thursday, January 29, 2004

HT Update
It's been a while since I've written about the home theater.

Everything's working great, and I continue to be pleased with the PLUS Piano DLP projector. HD channels are clear and brilliant. DVD movies look great. By far, this projector is a better choice than a rear projection television, if you have a room dark enough for it.

I recently installed LUTRON Spacer Light Dimmers. These are dimmer switches that control the lighting in the theater. They can be controlled by remote control. LUTRON sells a proprietary remote control for these controllers, but fortunately my HT dealer programmed my universal remote with the proper codes. So, while sitting comfortably in my seat, I can start the movie and dim the lights via remote control. They dim slowly providing a nice effect.

I recently found and purchased a Pac Man arcade game. Unfortunately, the monitor went blank a few weeks after we got it. I found a used monitor and replaced it, but the machine still isn't working. I found an arcade game repair specialist in the area, and he is coming to the house tonight to take a look. Hopefully we can have the game up and running for our family get together this Sunday.

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