Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Not So Rosey
Interesting opinion on the Pete Rose Situation:ESPN.com - MLB - Caple: Charlie Hustler

Personally, I think he should be in the Hall of Fame in recognition of his great career as a player (and as Caple says, with mention of his gambling on the plaque). But that should be it. He should never be allowed to participate in the game again. He's still a gambler, and nothing he has said or done has convinced me that he believes what he did was truely wrong and damaging to the sport.

He says he never fixed a game or let his bets affect his managing. I find that hard to believe. But even if that's true, his activities did affect the game. If the manager of a baseball team suddenly does not bet on his team one day, what does that tell the bookie? I don't like this situation at all, and I'm afraid that Rose's confession comes now only to promote his book, which of course leads to $$$.

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