Thursday, September 04, 2003

Today, the drywall finishers are supposed to come to mud and tape my walls. They are already over an hour late, so I'm not holding my breath.

So, here's some information on my HT equipment. First, this whole home theater thing is pretty expensive. Because of this, I am going to use my current receiver and DVD player instead of buying new ones. In my living room now, I have a SONY STR-DB1070 Receiver. It's a pretty nice receiver and will work fine in my new theater. My current DVD player is a SONY DVP-NS700P progressive scan player. Again, a nice DVD player. My original plan was to leave my living room theater in tact and buy all new equipment for the new theater, but my budget won't allow for that just yet. Eventually, I would like to buy new components for the theater, and when I do, I think I am leaning toward NAD. Of course, when the time comes I'll research it more and decide.

I have purchased a PLUS Piano Avanti HE-3200 projector. That is a long name for such a tiny projector. The projector will be mounted on the ceiling and will project onto a 92" diagonal Da-Lite screen. I decided on this projector after talking with my local Home Theater dealer. The Piano is a DLP projector that creates a fabulous picture. I'm looking forward to getting the system set up.

As for speakers, I think I will be buying Wharfedale Pacific Evolutions. The EVO-20's for mains, the EVO-Centre and DFS surrounds. Again, the decision was based upon the advice of my dealer, as well as the bang for buck factor. The speakers are wired with Kimber Kable speaker wire.

The drywall clean up crew just arrived and they are removing all of the drywall scraps from the basement. Still waiting on the tapers...

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