Monday, September 29, 2003

The built-in cabinet has been a mess from the start. The guys came last Wednesday to install the doors and were doing that while the painters were there to stain the cabinets. Of course the cabinet has to also be stained, so the painters had to wait a little bit until the cabinet workers were done. And of course, when they finished, the realized that the doors were the wrong size. So the painters had to stain the cabinet without the doors. On Friday, the cabinet workers returned and installed the correct, unfinished doors on the installed, stained cabinet. The painters also returned and did all of the enamel on the trim. The painters also painted the ceiling and painted the shed that they built on the outside of the house.

Today, the painters should be there (I'm not home to confirm this, of course) to paint the walls and finish up the stain on the cabinet doors. Tomorrow, the tile will be installed. I am hoping that we will begin to see the completed basement this week. I am happy with the work that has been done, and for the most part, it has gone fairly smoothly. There were just a couple of glitches - not all of which were my builder's fault. He has done a good job of keeping us posted on what's happening.

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