Tuesday, September 23, 2003

It's been a week and we've had absolutely no progress. The cabinet shop messed up our built-in bookshelf by neglecting to put doors on the bottom of it and instead making it an open bookshelf top to bottom. So, they had to build the doors and other pieces to add the doors to the unit, and then send out a craftsman to install them and set the unit in the wall. The story is that the parts were all done and ready to install on Friday, however, the craftsman has never shown up. My builder called today asking if the cabinet was done and needless to say, he was very upset when I told him that it's still not done. The had scheduled the painters to start today, assuming the cabinet would be done and installed.

So, since the trim carpenter finished up last Tuesday, nothing has happened. We are still waiting for this cabinet guy to show up, put doors on the shelf unit, and install it. Once that's done, the painters (who have been ready to go since last week) will paint and stain and that should be done in 3 days or so. Then the tile and carpet gets installed, and we're pretty much done.

Since I can't hardly stand waiting, I assembled the screen and hung it on a wall in my living room last night. I set up my projector in a TV tray and watched Monday Night Football (I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Raiders get killed, by the way). The little Piano Avanti projector produces a stunning HDTV picture on that Da-Lite Perm-Wall screen!

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