Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Basement and Home Theater

This blog will contain a lot of information, because I have neglected to blog about the basement project until now.

Work continues on our basement. We recently decided to refinance our home and take some money to finish our basement and build a home theater. Work began about 2 or 3 weeks ago. We were able to find the builder who built our house 4 years ago. We really liked working with him, and we were glad to hire him for this job. He was very patient while waiting for our financing to come through. Once it did, his crew went to work, and it has gone fast.

The carpenters came on a Saturday and they had the entire basement roughed in that day, except for some small things they couldn't finish because they ran out of lumber.

The next Saturday, the carpenters returned to finish. The only problem was that they were there at the same time as the electricians and plumbers. Needless to say, it was a very busy day down in the basement. They did get everything finished, and we were then ready for drywall.

In the meantime, I went ahead and ran the cables that I need for the theater. I purchased a custom made video cable from Wire World for my projector, and installed it. I also installed Kimber Kable speaker cable. My thanks to Rob, who owns a great home theater shop here in the KC area.

Yesterday, the drywall guys came to hang the drywall, and they finished up this morning.

Next up is the drywall finishing (mud & tape). I don't know when they will be coming, but hopefully, it will be soon.

In a future blog, I will detail the electronics of my theater. We are very excited about it. It will be a front projection system with a 92" screen. More details to come!

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