Thursday, September 11, 2003

Lots of progress today. The sanders finally made it here and sanded all of the drywall down. Of course, now we have white dust all over the house. The cabinet guys installed the bar and cabinets. They delivered them yesterday, but unfortunately they delivered the wrong shelf unit. That will have to go back. The one they delivered is just a plain book shelf with shelves from top to bottom. We ordered a unit with shelves on top and cabinet doors below. But the bar and cabinets are in and look great. Also today the trim carpenter started his magic. He installed all the interior doors and baseboard. He also started work on the steps. He needs to put new treads on and then build a curved hand rail. It's starting to look like a real room - except for all the dust and crap all over the place.

Also today I found out that my screen has arrived. It's a 92" diagonal Da-Lite screen that will be mounted on the front wall of the theater. This Saturday, I will go pick up the screen and all of my speakers. I'm really looking forward to getting that stuff installed.

Today I also picked out paint colors. We believe the painters will be coming next week. Next week I will go and pick out the tile for around the bar and bathroom and the carpet.

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