Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Person of the Year

I am Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

I am very grateful to receive prestigious award. So as not to disappoint the folks at Time Magazine, I offer these bits of random thought:

  • The ads say it only happens once a year, but I believe Toyotathon is a year-round event.
  • Of the thousands of videos on YouTube, I would venture to guess that only 2-5% of them are worth watching.
  • Debt is dumb; cash is king.
  • If Microsoft really wants people to buy Zunes instead of iPods, maybe they should offer it with either more disk space or a smaller price tag. (BTW – I'm fighting the urge to buy one)
  • Yes, "LOVE" by the Beatles is just another attempt to make money off of some dead guys, but it is a joy to listen to.
  • Maybe I'm a baseball romantic, but I love JoPo's optimistic outlook on the Royals this year.
  • Vista is quite beautiful, but only if you have the video hardware to support it. Otherwise, it's a pain in the ass.
  • I'm starting to believe my wife: Lamar Hunt is responsible for the Chiefs' making the playoffs. There is no other explanation.