Monday, January 15, 2007

I shall soon Zune

I've decided to buy a Zune. I'm not sure when the purchase will be made – perhaps this week – but it will indeed be made.

You may be wondering why I've made this decision. I have a perfectly good (back from the dead) iPod. It is an old sucker that nearly bit it last month, but it's still cranking out the tunes.

And now there is word that the killer feature of the Zune, its wireless music sharing, is crippled at best. Even if it worked as promised, the "3 days, 3 plays" restriction just kills any excitement about this feature. The record companies and their paranoia are nixing all of the innovation around these exciting technologies.

Still, I will buy a Zune. Part of the reasoning is my job. I work for a Microsoft partner, and so I am a bit biased when it comes to Microsoft. But I'm also very interested in Microsoft's future plans for the Zune. We all know that Microsoft will expand the Zune's wireless capabilities. The technology is there, so I can see a day when the Zune will allow users to wirelessly purchase music and sync. I can also envision an entire line of Zune-branded devices and technologies for home entertainment.

At any rate, the time has come for me to get a new digital media player. I've decided on the Zune. I'll keep you posted on my impressions of the device when I get it.

Welcome to the social.

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