Friday, June 17, 2005

A Royal Record

The Royals continue to play great baseball under new manager Buddy Bell. Last night, they completed a sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Think about that. The Royals hadn't swept a series since 2003, and within a month they swept the Yankees and the Dodgers.

In doing so, they became the first team to ever sweep the Dodgers and the Yankees in a month. That's an impressive record, until you think about. The Dodgers and Yankees are in different leagues, so the only way to sweep them both in one season is during inter-league play, which only goes back about 10 years.

Still, the Royals are finding ways to win, and are playing much better than they did under Pena. They've won 11 of 15 under Bell and most of those with out their best hitter, Mike Sweeney.

Tonight, rookie JP Howell takes on Roger Clemens. Should be a good one.

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