Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Over the last several years, the Royals have gone through boatloads of players, finished with one winning season, had several losing season, fired a manager, had a manager quit and saw the rise and fall of Ken Harvey.

But, one constant through all of this is injuries. The Royals still continue to struggle with injuries Today they have 10 players on the DL and seven of those are pitchers.

Where is the strength and conditioning team for the Royals? Groin pulls, back strains, and oblique injuries are common, but aren't these injuries avoidable? Before 2003, I had never heard of an oblique strain when Carlos Beltran missed the first two weeks of the season with one. Since then, it seems every player has missed games because of oblique problems.

As the injuries pile up, the Royals continue to call up players to the majors who are way too young and inexperienced. I'm all for developing youth, but just calling up a guy because he had one good week at AA doesn't seem like the smartest strategy.

After the disastrous 2004 season, Royals GM Allard Baird made some changes to the strength and conditioning team. They haven't seemed to help. If they want to be successful with these young players, I think they should invest in a better team of trainers and doctors. I'd hate to see Zack Greinke miss 2006 after Tommy John surgery.

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