Monday, June 13, 2005

Does the manager make a difference???

Kevin Keitzman had a good point today:

Buddy Bell's record with the Royals is now 8-4. When Tony Pena resigned, the Royals were 8-25.

So, if the Royals lose their next 20 games in a row, they will still have a better record than what Pena had. That's quite a statement. Bell's only managed 12 games, but in those 12 games, the team has accomplished things that hadn't been done since 2003: Sweep a series and win back to back series on the road.

And Bell's done it without Sweeney who's been out a week with a sore oblique and with Greinke struggling. One could surmise that Pena had a better team since Greinke looked unhittable and Sweeney was killing the ball.

Was Bell the right choice? Who knows. All I know is that the Royals are playing much better ball, and the wins are following.

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