Monday, June 20, 2005

Get Fit!

Last week, I started a 5K training program. I found this 6 week program at I've started similar programs in the past (including this one), but have yet to make it to the end of the program.

For a while now, I've been feeling sluggish and out of shape. I find myself breathing heavily after going up the stairs. So, I've started this running program again, and hopefully this time I will make it to the end. I'm just starting week 2 of the program.

To help manage the intervals (the programs include alternating run/walk times), I went to Target to look at some watches. I was looking at the Timex Ironman watches when I saw the Timex Heart Rate Monitor watch. It was on sale for only $42.00, so I bought it.

The included fitness guide describes the Heart Zones training system. Using the watch, you can monitor your heart rate and train at different zones. Each zone represents a progressive level of exercise, from "Healthy Heart" up through "Red Line." Each individual's zone levels are based on his/her maximum heart rate which must be calculated before starting the training program. Depending on your goals, you can train for different times in the various zones. Do so allows you to calculate training points. For example, of you train for 20 minutes in Zone 3, you've earned 60 points. You can then shoot for a number of points per week depending on your goals. Maintaining current weight should be around 700-1000 points per week, for example.

It will be interested to see how my heart zones are affected as I work through my 5K program. It's also kinda fun to wear the monitor and see what my heart rate is as I go through my day (apparently, blogging about running causes my heart to beat around 73 times per minute).

I'll keep you posted...

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