Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More Harvey

I had blogged before about Ken Harvey, and now
Rob & Rany have also talked about Ken Harvy (or "Grimace," as they affectionately call him). It's interesting that everybody seems to see through Harvey except for the Royals themselves who seem determined to give Harvey a job at the major league level. Given their logjam at first base (see today's Kansas City Star for an article on Calvin Pickering), the Royals would have been smart to package Grimace in a trade around the time they traded Beltran last year. Grimace had just played in the All Star Game, and was hitting for a good average at the time. Of course, the law of averages kicked in and Harvey's numbers crashed in the second half.

I'd be perfectly happy with a platoon of Sweeney and Pickering at first base this year.

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