Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A few zingers

Joe Posnanski's column in today's Kansas City Star was a humorous look at this year's Kansas City Royals. In the column, JoPo points out that never before have the Royals been so disrespected. This is really the first year that the Royals have been picked to be dead last in the majors. This season, the Royals are the longest shot for making the World Series. And for good reason. The team is coming off a 104 loss season and made no obvious moves to improve themselves for 2005.

In the column, JoPo included some hilarious zingers he received when he asked for ideas for a Royals column:

“George Brett: A better hitter (now) than anyone on the 2005 Royals.”

“Royals vs. T-Bones: Royals superior at almost every position.”

“You should discuss the betting line on the annual Royals father-son game. The kids are favored.”

“The Royals plan: Why not new uniforms?”

“I would join in, but I don't know anything about the Royals.”

“The 2005 Royals: Where are they now?”

“The Kansas City Royals: Could they be a better football defense than the Chiefs?”

“The Kansas City Royals: At least our best players go somewhere other than the Yankees.”

“Jimmy Gobble — a fun name to yell!”

“Is Tony Peña currently the best catcher in a Royals uniform?”

“The Kansas City Royals passed all their drug tests — and it shows.”

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