Monday, March 14, 2005

It's a PocketPC, an MP3 Player, a PocketPC, a Scorebook!

I have a T-Mobile PocketPC Phone. On the bottom, it has an SD Card slot. I put an SD card in, and loaded it up with some MP3's. The bad thing about it is that since it's on the bottom of the phone, it tends to be ejected easily, and for some reason, my data disappears. Given the phone's somewhat small memory (32MB), I would like to make use of the SD Slot, but it's not very usefull if it keeps getting erased.

I've been considering getting a new phone. TMobile now offers an HP IPAQ h6315. The reviews I've ready have not been very good. If you're familiar with this phone, please email me and let me know your thoughts. I'd like to stick with a PocketPC phone because I love having over the air ActiveSync to my company's Exchange server, plus the ability to play games, and score baseball games on it.

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