Monday, October 18, 2004

Post-Season Ball

Being from Kansas City, my two natural enemies are the Yankees (represent all that's bad about baseball) and the Cardinals (rivals who can't stop whining about losing the '85 Series).

Some thoughts about the post-season:

  • Carlos Beltran is amazing. He was good when he played in KC, but he's out of this world in this post-season. When George Brett was inducted he was asked who he thought might be the next great player. Without hesitation, he said Carlos Beltran. Beltran has homered in every game of this LCS and is single-handedly keeping the Astros in the series.

  • The Red Sox are dangling by a thread. It would be nice to see them win some games to make this series more interesting, but indications are pointing to an easy Yankee win. A rare Mariano Rivera blown save kept the Sox in the game last night and they won in 12 innings. I'd like to see them get an easy win today to get some momentum to (miraculously) make a run at making history.

  • Johnny Damon has looked absolutely awful this series. He's 1-whatever and I don't think I've seen him hit the ball out of the infield. He kept the ninth inning alive last night with his speed on a bobbled ball by Yankee second-baseman Miguel Cairo, but he's really struggling in this series.

  • Just like when he was with the Royals, Curtis Leskanic is either hot or cold. In that ridiculous blow-out on Saturday night, Leskanic gave up a home run, but last night got Bernie Williams to fly out with the bases loaded.

  • The Cardinals reminded me of when they melted down in the '85 series yesterday. Cardinals pitcher Julian Tavarez absolutely lost it after giving up a home run to Beltran. He couldn't find the strike zone, walking one and hitting another. He finally got out of the inning and went nuts in the dugout. The Cardinals better hope they can maintain control as they try to get a win at Minute Maid tonight

  • I am now very well aware of all the new shows coming on FOX. How many times during one baseball game can we see the promos for Richard Branson's new reality show and the Big Fat Obnoxious Boss show? Baseball fans are probably so sick of these promos that they will never watch the shows once they air.

  • Hideki Matsui is amazing. When will the Red Sox start walking him? Letting him take first has to be better than his doubles and triples that he hits every time up.

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