Friday, October 01, 2004


I can't believe what happened at Kauffman Stadium tonight. It's outrageous!! A travesty, I tell you!!

Four rows in front of me was an 8-ish year old girl. Cute as can be. Long dark hair and a face that will mean trouble in years to come. She had a sign ("We (heart) SLUGGERRR!"), and during every single break in the action, she stood on her chair with that sign held high and danced her heart out.

Not once did she make it on the JumboTron. Appalling. Think about it. The Royals are playing one of their last games of the worst season in their history. It's a cold night. The Royals are losing (shocker, huh?). There were maybe 13 people in the stands total. And they couldn't put her on the screen? Unbelievable. I'm writing my congressman.

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