Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Game 6

Dan stole some of my thunder in his blog about the umpiring in last night's Yankees/Red Sox game. It is refreshing to see umpires now willing to confer to get the call correct. This is in contrast to years past when one umpire made the call and was not willing to listen to any other views on thie call.

I do believe the umpires got the call right. I didn't see the play live but was listening to it on the radio on my way home from my son's baseball game (the Tigers lost 8-7 in their playoff game). The way Joe Morgan described it, it sounded like ARod did nothing to knock the ball out of the pitcher's glove and that it was just a collision. But when I got home and saw the replay, I think it's pretty obvious that ARod was slapping at the glove in an attempt to knock the ball loose, which is clearly illegal.

The Red Sox do appear poised to pull off the miracle. Never in Major League Baseball's 100+ year history has a team come back from 0-3 to win a seven game series. This is turning into one of the best post-seasons ever.

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