Thursday, October 21, 2004

NLCS Second Guessing

We'll see what happens tonight, but I agree with the Phil Garner's decision to go with Munro in game 6, saving Clemens for game 7.

The Astros were up 3 games to 2 and needed to win one of the final two in St. Louis. History shows that pitchers have a lot of trouble pitching on 3 days rest. Houston made the right choice by pitching Munro and hoping that he could do well enough to keep the Astros in the game. He did. The Cardinals scored only 4 runs, certainly within reach and indeed, the Astros were able to get it tied, only to lose it in the 12th. Had the Astros been able to push a run across while Lidge was still on the mound, the series would be over. Instead, they'll play game 7 tonight.

I like to think that the Astros have the advantage tonight. Clemens is rested, Oswalt is available. Having seen Suppan in KC for 4 years, I have no confidence that he can get it done tonight.

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