Friday, July 16, 2004

Viva La Mojito

I discovered a great drink while in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While hanging out in our favorite bar one day, the waitress Olivia asked me if I would like to try a new drink they just started making. I said sure. She brought me a glass that looked like it had 7-Up with salad in it. I tasted it, and fell in love.
The Mojito originated in Cuba. It is a delicious mixture of rum, mineral water, sugar, lime juice, and fresh mint. To make it, muddle (squash) the fresh mint leaves with some sugar and lime juice until you can really smell the mint. Add some ice, rum and fill the glass with mineral (or sparkling) water.
The drink is delicious. It by no means tastes like an alcoholic drink. The mint leaves in the glass make it a distinct drink. The taste is very refreshing. And since the drink is mostly water, I found that even when I drank 7 or 8 of them in a day (did I say I liked it?), I never got that nasty, drunk, dehydrated feeling. In fact, I never felt any kind of buzz from the drink. Delicious.
After getting home, I decided to try to make a Mojito. I found a recipe at Bacardi Mojito and gave it a try. The result was pretty good. Not excactly the same as my friend Martin in Mexico made, but pretty darn close and delicious none the less.

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