Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Brian MacRae

Hal MacRae made a name for himself in KC as one of the best DH's in baseball. Later, he managed the Royals to respectability before the strike of '94 killed the season and the Royals decided to fire him (possibly as a result of a profane tirade he had with reporters).
Hal's son Brian played high school ball in the KC area and later became the Royals center fielder. Now, Brian is making a living on TV and radio. He does work for MLB.com, and contributes on the Royals radio and television networks.
Personally, I can't stand him. Without even listening to what he's saying, his delivery is difficult to listen to. He always sounds like he's struggling to find the next word he's going to say. But, more importantly, I've never heard him say anything substantive.
He always sounds like he's trying not to anger anybody. When asked a question about a move that Pena made in a game, he will reply with something like "They are going to do what they do, and we'll just have to see if it's successful." When asked about whether Dee Brown can be a productive player for the Royals, his response was "It's too early to tell. What he does from here on out will determine what he does for this ballclub." Wow. That's some hard hitting analysis.
Other ex-players who contribute to the Royals broadcasts are not afraid to tell it like it is. I've heard Paul Splittorf, Al Fitzmorris, Fred Patek and others openly criticize the Royals when deserved. It'd be nice if someone who gets as much air time as MacRae does do the same.

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