Friday, July 02, 2004

Dee Brown

Dee Brown was the Royals' first pick in the 1996 June Free Agent Draft. He was regarded as one of the Royals' best prospects for the first few years in the organization. In 1998, he made his major league debut in a September call up.

Since then, the Royals have jerked him around. He's been up and down many times. In 2001, he finally stuck with the Royals long enough to collect 380 AB's. He hit .245 with an OBP of .286 and a SLG of .350.

The in 2002, the yo-yo started spinning again. He played in only 16 games and in 2003, he played in only 50 games.

Dee reported to Spring Training this year knowing his chances were slim to make the team. He didn't and the Royals put him on waivers. He cleared, and then reported to AA Wichita.

Finally in mid June, after Juan Gonzalez and Aaron Guiel went on the DL, he was called up to help the Royals in the outfield.

Then on June 22, Pena started Desi Relaford in left field. Why? Why bring up Dee Brown to the Royals to have him sit the bench? It's time the Royals quit messing with this guy.

Maybe he can play, maybe he can't. It would be nice to just let him play so we can make a determination. He's never up with the Royals long enough to get into a groove. He was a top prospect in the organization, but for some reason, the Royals seem to have something against him.

I met Dee Brown a couple of years ago. The Royals gave a baseball clinic at my son's league complex and Jamie Quirk, Kris Wilson, Dee Brown, and Lamar Johnson were there. Kris Wilson was extremely nice and down to earth. When the clinic was over, Quirk announced to all these 7 and 8 year olds that they couldn't stay to sign autographs and hopped in his car and left.

Dee Brown, stood by his car after Quirk left and signed autographs for a half hour. I was really impressed with him. He was so quiet and shy, but really warmed up to these kids. Not that that has anything to do with his playing ability, but I do have soft spot for Brown after that experience.

Let Brown play. This outfield needs him. Stop playing Stairs in the outfield. He can't cover the ground - especially in the newly expanded Kauffman Stadium outfield. For the rest of 2004 the outfield should consist of Brown, DeJesus and Gettis. And please... Listen to me Tony Pena... Stop playing infielders in the outfield!

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