Thursday, July 01, 2004

Visual Web Developer Express 2005

I took a chance and downloaded and installed the new Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express 2005. Basically, this is the new Web Matrix. Express is a version of Visual Studio 2005 that is geared toward hobbyists. It will allow folks to write ASP.NET code without forking over the thousands it takes to purchase Visual Studio.

The install went well, and I fired up the product. It was obvious that in this beta version, optimizations have not yet been completed. It look a good 60 seconds or more for the product to load. I quickly played around with creating a web page that asks the user for some info and displays it back.

All in all, a decent experience. However I did find that installing Framework 2.0 caused my SharePoint installation to fail. So, since I'm getting paid to work on SharePoint, I had to uninstall it.

The good news is that the uninstall process went smoothly, and it did in fact seem to remove it completely as my SharePoint server is now running again...

I will try to set up a virutal PC so that I can take more time to play with the new VS products now that the betas have been released...

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