Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Juan Gone
Juan Gonzalez has been on the DL since May 22, and I was thinking that it seems like the Royals have played better since then. In fact, I haven't really noticed his absence. Not like last year when I couldn't wait for Sweeney to get back into the lineup after his neck injury.

I checked the record, and the Royals are 5-5 since May 22. So they are playing .500 without Juan Gone. I'm not sure how much longer he will be out, but it'd be nice to think that his bat could help enough to get the team playing at a better than .500 clip.

Interleague play is coming up. I'm interested to see how Tony Pena will work the lineup when he won't have a DH. Both Sweeney and Harvey are 1B/DH players, and both are hitting well enough that you'd like to have them both in the lineup. Could one of those two end up in left field for some games?

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