Tuesday, June 29, 2004

DevDays - Birmingham

Today, I was pleased to be a part of the Microsoft DevDays Event in Birmingham, AL. Joe Healy did a great job putting together the event and we had a good turnout of about 175 folks. I presented two sessions in the web security track. Fellow Quilogy employees Jon Box and Jerry Dixon also presented.

The highlight of the event was seeing Russ Fustino's presentation. Russ is pretty popular because of his highly entertaining "Russ' Tool Shed" presentations. In it, Russ shows some of the new "tools" coming in the Whidbey version of Visual Studio.NET. By the way, Microsoft today announced the availablility of Beta 1 of Whidbey (now known as Visual Studio 2005). Also announced was the fact that the Beta for the Yukon version of SQL Server is still a few weeks away. But, it's coming...

Tonight, I enjoyed a fabulous dinner of ribs with Jon, Jerry, Russ, Joe Healy and Brandon McMillon at a fabulous rib joint called Dreamland.

My tummy is very satisfied, and I'll sleep well tonight before heading back to KC tomorrow morning.

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