Monday, June 14, 2004

Interleague Play

Caught 2 of the 3 Royals games against the Mets over the weekend. I'm still not sure how I like interleague play, but it was kinda nice to see guys like Mike Piazza, Kaz Matsui, and Tom Glavine here in KC.

As far as the Royals go, this team needs to be busted up. I've noticed that they are playing better since Juan Gonzalez went on the DL. But the team still isn't showing much life. GM Allard Baird annouced to the world that he is now ready to start trading players to look toward 2005. I'm in agreement. The team has looked awful all season.

Most folks in KC think the Royals should try to dump Mike Sweeney. I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on him just yet. Everybody cheered when the Royals were able to lock him up and signed him to a long term contract. But now, they think it's wasted money. I still think he can hit, and I don't think he's overpriced. He's struggled this year (even I've complained about the many pop-ups he's hit this season), but I still think he's the right kind of hitter for this team in this stadium. He's not the best defensive first baseman, but I'll give away some defense for his offense. If Baird can get some pitching for Ken Harvey, I say trade him.

As far as the rest of the team, they should try to trade everybody. The only "untouchables" should be Zack Greinke, Jeremey Affeldt, Jimmy Gobble, and Angel Berroa. Of course catcher and third baseman should be priorities since the Royals don't have those positions covered in the minors.

The Royals will open a series in Atlanta tomorrow night. It will be interesting to see what kind of lineup Pena creates.

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