Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Pocket PC Phone Update

After about 3 weeks, I must say I'm very happy with my Pocket PC Phone from T-Mobile. I had blogged earlier about problems with ActiveSync, but those seem to be going away, with only an occasional error. With this phone, I always have my current Inbox, Contacts and Calendar in my pocket. When a new email comes in (like the 30 or 40 spam messages I get a day), the phone will ding-a-ling at me, using the new push technology of Exchange 2003 and PocketPC 2003.

Dan apparently is still having no luck with ActiveSync on his phone. His is an older PocketPC 2002 phone that he upgraded to the Pocket PC 2003 OS.

The only complaint I have at this point is that the phone comes with only 32MB of memory. That's substandard for today's Pocket PC devices (most have 64MB). The Pocket PC I replaced with this phone had 64MB of memory, and I've found it much more difficult to have all of my apps loaded.

The newer devices have a built-in camera, which I've never considered very useful. That is, until I was in Memphis last week. I attended a Memphis Redbirds game at AutoZone Park. While wandering around this beautiful ballpark, I realized that I was wishing for a camera. If I had the camera/Pocket PC/Phone, I could have snapped some shots and sent them off via email right then and there.

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