Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I like Joe McEwing.

The Royals picked up the third baseman from the Mets late in spring training after both Chris Truby and Chris Clapinski suffered injuries. The Royals were forced to promote prospect Mark Teahen to the big league club because of those injuries. The original plan was to let Teahen mature in AAA for a potential promotion mid-season.

McEwing was assigned to AAA Omaha when the season started, but was promoted to the Royals on April 13 when Teahen went on the DL for a strained back. McEwing filled in at third and has stuck with the Royals even after Teahen's return.

I wasn't really familiar with McEwing before he came to the Royals. But on one sunny afternoon, my buddy Kris and I watched McEwing at third as the Royals took on the Mariners and McEwing made his first start at third. I enjoyed watching him. He's fun to watch as he moves around the base at third. He's a small guy who is agile and quick. His uniform was about 3 sizes too big, making him look like he was playing in pajamas. He went 2-4 that day.

In reading this article on the Met's web site, it's obvious that McEwing is a well liked teammate.

I'd like to see the Royals keep McEwing (if they need a spot, Graffanino is expendable) as the utility infielder behind Sweeney (1B), Gotay (2B), Berroa (SS), and Teahen (3B). Let Gotay, Berroa and Teahen play everyday and platoon with Sweeney/Stairs/Harvey at 1B.

Maybe I should apply for that manager's job...

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Harry Hostetter said...

Great article on McEwing. Although he has stayed on the roster he hasn't had much playing time. I would like to see him play more. Your right Graffanino should either go on the DL or be released.