Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Beat Goes On...

I feel sorry for Bob Dutton. Every single day, he has to write a story about how the Royals lost another game to be included in the Kansas City Star. How many different ways can you come up with to say - no offense, another loss?

Today was a good pitching match up: Grienke vs. Halladay. Halladay took only an hour and 44 minutes to brush the Royals aside, 3-1. Grienke pitched well, but once again gave up too many runs (3!). Both pitchers pitched complete games. The Royals' lone run came in the first when Sweeney homered.

Admit it: Sweeney's an awesome hitter. He's one of the best in the American League. I feel bad that he is stuck on such a God-awful team. I heard a stat earlier today - Sweeney had driven in 26% of all Royals' runs this year. Add in his runs score, and I'm sure he's responsible for about a third of the team's total offense. But he can't do it all, and all the hitters around him are just terrible. This is the worst offense I've ever seen - even with Sweeney.

It's depressing. Something's got to change or the city will ask them to be contracted.

BTW - check out the new Rob & Rany.

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Harry Hostetter said...

Didn't take long after the lost for Pena to QUIT!!! Just another loser move by a bad manager.