Tuesday, January 11, 2005

XM Online

One other comment about XM. I subscribed to XM Online, which allows me to listen to XM Radio over the internet.

XM allows users to a free 3 day preview of XM Online, which gives access to all the music channels, plus XM Public Radio, a couple of comedy channels, and the Opie and Anthony show.

XM Online by itself is available for around $8/month. XM Radio subscribers can add XM Online for about $4/month. Silly me... I assumed that the free preview made a limited number of channels available and that as a subscriber, I'd have access to all of the XM channels. Well, after paying $48 for the year (the only option available), I found out that the same limited channel selection is available.

None of the talk channels are available. None of the sports channels. Why would I pay $4/month to hear songs? I can hear songs anywhere. I thought that was very frustrating. Plus, the web site doesn't make it clear that XM Online provides only a limited number of channels.

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