Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A win, and a phenom on the way
Last night, the Royals came back from a 5-0 deficit to beat the Rangers 7-6. They did it by mashing. This year's team was built to hit the long ball, but they haven't been successful doing that. But last night, the Royals got a 3-run shot from Matt Stairs, a 2-run homer from Beltran, and a solo shot from Sweeney. Juan Gone didn't go yard, but did go 2-3, raising his average to .280.

And today, it is being reported that Zack Greinke will be promoted to the big league club and will start this Saturday in Oakland.

The sports talk guys on the radio have been suggesting that the Royals should call up Jamie Wright and Zack Greinke for the rotation and move Jeremy Affeldt to the closer spot. I'm beginning to think this might be a good suggestion. Last year, as a closer, Affeldt was absolutely dominant. As a starter, he hasn't quite been as impressive. With Affeldt in the back of the bullpen, the Royals might have a few more wins right now (several leads have been blown in the ninth). The rotation has been abysmal. I don't think having four (or five, counting Reyes) lefies in the rotation is going to work (and it hasn't yet this season).

I'd like this rotation: Anderson, Gobble, Grienke, May, Wright.

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