Monday, May 03, 2004

It's Over
Well, it was fun to dream about an American League Central Division title, but now the dream is over. The Royals have gotten off one of the worst starts you could imagine. I won't go into all the details, but over the weekend, they were swept by the Yankees. What really has me irritated with this team, is that it looks like they themselves have given up.

Injuries have killed the team. And I can live with struggling through injuries (though the Royals' injury problems are another issue altogether). But, can anybody explain to me why they bring up a pitcher from AA who has thrown a total of 59 innings in his entire career to start a game in Yankee Stadium??? Eduardo Villasis (sp?) started Saturday ahead of Kris Wilson (in AAA and has ML experience), Jamie Wright (in AAA and has ML experience) and even Zack Greinke (in AAA, the pitching phenom who the Royals refuse to bring up because they want him to develop). They want him to develop??? Why is David DeJesus in KC? He obviously isn't developed (currently hitting .050). Why do they bring up Villases? He's hasn't been above A ball until this spring. The Royals had 66 players in Spring Training, including a country singer, but Villases wasn't one of them! And he starts against the Yankees???

And then, even more irritating, the manager of the team guarantees a division title. Excuse me, Mr. Pena, but your team is currently playing .304 ball, and you are 7.5 games behind in last place, and 9 games under .500. Let's worry about stringing together a win or two before promising division titles. The team looks lost this year. They aren't playing with any enthusiasm. They don't look interested in winning.

But the story, for me, is the injuries. We are about a month into the season, and already the following players have missed playing time due to injuries:

  • Kyle Snyder, pitcher - out for season, arm surgery

  • Miguel Ascencio, pitcher - out for season, arm surgery

  • Kevin Appier, pitcher - started on DL, came back, rehurt his arm

  • Angel Berroa, SS - out 3 weeks, migraines

  • Mike Sweeney, 1B/DH - out 1 week, sore wrist

  • Darrell May, pitcher - missed 2 starts, groin injury

  • Desi Relaford, 2B - out 3 weeks, hamstring

  • Juan Gonzalaz, RF - out 1 week, flu

  • Tony Graffanino, 2B/UT - currently on DL, knee

  • Curtis Leskanic, pitcher - currently in KC getting treatment on shoulder

  • Mike MacDougal, pitcher - out 1 month, flu

Struggling through those injuries has thrown the team into a tailspin that they can't get out of. Now, they don't know how to win. It's just sad.

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