Tuesday, May 25, 2004

.NET CF 2.0

Just attended a session on the new version of the .NET Compact Framework. Interesting features being added:

  • upward migration allowed (v1 apps will "just run" on v2)

  • can do side by side (v1 AND v2 app on same device - use app config like on desktop)

  • Unified JIT for all processors (was just for ARM)

  • COM Interop, RCW provide proxies for native COM, RCW support integrated into VS Shell

  • Enhanced type marshalling (additional types, embedded arrays, MarshalAs)

  • New language features (generics, anonymous methods, iterators, partial types)

  • New Windows.Forms Controls (DateTimePicker, MonthCalendar, DocumentList, LinkLabel, Notification Bubble, Help, RichInk, WebBrowser, others)

  • Clipboard support

  • Better Keyboard support (for devices that include thumbpads)

  • SmartPhone features added - SQLServer CE, DataGrid, IME switching enabled (Input Mode), Enabled multiple menu times on left soft key

  • Displays and Layouts - AutoScroll, Pixel doubling enabled for high res screens, Docking, Anchoring, changeOrientation, bitmaps, custom pens

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