Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Royals Team Doctors
Rob Neyer - Rob and Rany

My favorite Royals commentators, Rob & Rany, just posted a new installment in which they discuss the latest injury to Kyle Snyder. For several years now, the Royals' medical staff has been criticized for not treating injuries properly. Several examples from last year support the point:

  • Jose Lima - pulled a groin, came back too early and made it worse

  • Runelvys Hernadez - injured, came back and though the team tried to force him to pitch, he insisted he was still hurt. After a second opinion, he had Tommy John surgery.

  • Jeremy Affeldt - it took 2 years of fighting the blisters before they finally wised up and had the fingernail removed, thus wasting valuable innings.

And now Kyle Snyder is going under the knife for the same injury that he had surgery for last season. I'm pretty ignorant about all things medical, but it seems to me that there are a lot of "redos" involving Royals and their injuries. I'd like to see a medical staff who can diagnose and fix the problems the first time around.

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