Sunday, February 08, 2004

I'm in the middle of a trip to Atlanta. I was summoned to the ATL to do some training for a large telecommunications firm. I taught 3 days of advanced .NET development last week, and will teach it for another 3 days this coming week. The class is a shortened version of Quilogy's Atomic.NET class. I stayed in Atlanta over the weekend, and my family flew down to spend some time with some friends we have in the area.

On Saturday, we toured the studios of CNN. It was interesting to see the place where the news gathering happens as well as the desk where the on-air talent does their thing. I found the tour to be a bit disappointing. I did enjoy seeing the studios of CNN, CNN Headline News and the other CNN networks. But I would have like to have seen a bit more about the history of the network. I think the tour should have begun with a video that discusses the history of the network and how world events helped to launch the all-news network format - especially the first Gulf War.

After CNN, we took the MARTA to Underground Atlanta, an underground shopping area. We had some dinner and wandered around until it was time to head back to Philips Arean (next door to CNN) to take in Hawks game. It was fun seeing Yao Ming (from our up-high seats, he was clearly the biggest man on the floor, but also the slowest. When we left he had only 4 points). The Hawks lead into the 4th quarter but ended losing the game.

On Sunday, we relaxed a bit, then headed back to downtown to check out the World of Coke. This Coke museum was interesting, and at the end, we had the opportunity to try all the various flavors that Coke produces. Some international flavors were less than tastey.

I just dropped my family off at the airport and they are headed back to the snow of KC. For my own part, I'm ready to return, and Wednesday can't come soon enough.

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