Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Baseball Season
Tonight, back in KC (this is my last night in Atlanta), my son had his second practice with his new baseball team. The team is made up 10 year old boys who are all pretty good ball players. This team will be our first "serious" foray into little league baseball. We will be travelling to Omaha and potentially St. Louis to play in tournaments. The normal league play is typically made up of about 10-15 games and then a post season tournament that could be up to 4 or 6 games. With the tournaments, we expect to play 40 to 60 games this year. That is quite a bit. The fact that we began practice in January indicates the level of competition for this team.

Joey is extremely excited. I am very pleased that he has taken such an interest in the game I love so much. He has played two leagues every year (spring and fall) since he was 6, and has enjoyed every bit of it. He has never complained about having to go to practice, and always gives his all. While I love sitting out at the K and taking in a Royals game, it pales in comparison to watching my boy and his teammates compete. I'm am looking forward to seeing more of his games this year since I won't be travelling as much as I was last year.

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