Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Interesting article on how baseball has finally hit a lull in new stadium construction.

This was a big topic in KC a couple of years ago. There was an effort to put a tax on the ballot for stadium renovations (to both Kauffman and Arrowhead). This, of course, fired up the debate on whether these 30 year old stadiums should be spruced up, or new ones built.

For years, KC has struggled with a deteriorating downtown area. It seems that once 5:00 hits, everybody heads for the 'burbs and downtown is dead. Some wanted a new stadium built in the downtown area, saying that would spur development in the area and revive the city. At the time, I was in agreement. I thought having a ballpark downtown was a great idea.

This past summer, I spent a lot of time at Kauffman stadium. I've now decided that the Royals should play there as long as possible. It's just a great stadium. And I still love the idea of having the two stadiums (Arrowhead and Kauffman) right next to each other.

The stadiums could use some upgrades. Both have concourses that are too narrow, making it difficult to walk around the stadium. Arrowhead is in desperate need of more women's bathrooms. And both would benefit from increased and enhanced luxury suites.

The stadium refurbishment tax never made it to the ballot, but I'm sure the backers will try again soon. It will get my vote.

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