Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Dreadlock Holiday
Another holiday season is drawing to a close. Again, I was blessed to enjoy family and friends this year.

Giving and receiving gifts was again a truly enjoyable experience this year. Each year, we take several "ornaments" from our church "giving tree." Each ornament represents a gift that an unfortunate person is wishing for. We usually take one orament for each of us, two for children and two for adults. This year, we took a few extra, and for me, nothing is more enjoyable than shopping for these gifts. I don't know the person, and they don't know who gave them these gifts. But I try to buy something a little better than they asked for. This year, one gift was a new wagon for a little girl. We brought the wagon home, and the kids and I assembled it. We included a nice stuffed toy with the wagon. I hope she will get lots of enjoyment out of that wagon.

This year kids loaded up on video games, board games, clothes and various other toys. They of course loved Christmas this year.

My wife's sister's family was able to come to town (they live in Houston), and so we were able to celebrate Christmas with the entire family. We enjoyed Christmas Mass with them.

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