Sunday, April 22, 2007

Zune Download of the Week: Second Edition

When we have the XM Satellite radio on in the car, the kids always want to put it on the "Top 20 on 20" channel. If you aren't familiar, this a channel that constantly runs a top 20 countdown, based on listener votes. As soon as the finish with Number 1, they start all over again.

One evening, the channel was on but we were having a conversation. I remember thinking to myself that whatever song was on sounded a lot like Freddie Mercury and Queen. I looked at the display and saw the artist's name: Mika.

The next day, I hopped on Zune Marketplace, and found the CD called "Life in Cartoon Motion." Mika is a pop artist who is fairly well known in the UK, and making a splash in the US.

The Queen-like tune is called "Grace Kelley." The second song ("Lollipop") reminds me of the Indigo Girls' "Iko Iko."

Also, much like Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," Mika pay homage to the larger ladies with a fantastic song call "Big Girl You Are Beautiful."

In all, "Cartoon" is a fun romp of a CD that relies on influences from all kinds of music.

Tracks to Download

  • Grace Kelley

  • Love Today

  • Big Girl You are Beautiful

  • Lollipop

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