Saturday, April 14, 2007

Zune Download of the Week: First Edition

I'm currently enjoying my second month of my Zune Pass subscription. With the subscription, I can download as much music as I like for one monthly fee.

I've decided to share with you some of the new music I've discovered as well as old favorites I've rediscovered. I will try to post something new each week.

I've downloaded a bunch of music, so I have plenty to write about. This week, though, I'll fill you in on an album I downloaded yesterday.

"Dusk and Summer" by Dashboard Confessional

My 13 year old son, who's always tipping me off on cool new tunes, asked me yesterday if I'd heard "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional. I had to confess (pun intended), I had never heard the song and had never heard of the band. I sampled a few of the songs and decided to grab the entire album.

Apparently, Dashboard Confessional isn't as unknown as I thought. Their song "Vindicated" made it on the "Spiderman 2" soundtrack, and they've toured with Weezer.

I've listened to "Dusk and Summer" several times and I'm really liking it. I'd compare it to a cross between Counting Crows and Train, but with more of an edge. Very enjoyable.

Tracks to dowload

  • Don't Wait
  • Reason To Believe
  • Stolen
  • Slow Decay

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