Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Greinke Redux

There seems to be more evidence that Zack Greinke’s disappearance from Spring Training is related to emotional issues. The team is still very mum about the reason for Greinke’s departure.

Yesterday, 810 WHB aired an interview with George Brett that took place during the team’s intra-squad game. I can’t recall the exact quotes in the interview, but Brett said several times that he hoped Zack was working out “his” issues, and at one point said that he hoped he was “getting an emotion shot” while in Florida.

Today’s Kansas City Star reports, “Zack Greinke left the Royals’ camp last weekend to deal with ongoing emotional issues.”

If he is dealing with emotional issues, let’s hope he can get it taken care of quickly so he can proceed to have the great career that he’s capable of having.

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