Sunday, March 26, 2006

Elvis Has Left the Building

So much for those great pitching performances. On Saturday, Runelvys Hernandez gave us another stinker against the Cubs. He walked the first batter he faced, and couldn't find the strike zone all day.

Hernandez has not had a decent outing against major league batters this spring. He came into came at least 50 lbs over wieght, and yet he has secured the number 2 spot in the rotation.

The Cubs game was televise, but I couldn't bear to watch more than a couple of innings. Hernandez looked terrible. In 3 2/3 innings, he gave up 6 hits, 6 runs, five walks (FIVE!) and had just 3 strike outs. He also gave up 2 home runs.

Yesterday, the Royals announced their rotation for this season:

  • Scott Elarton
  • Runelvys Hernandez
  • Joe Mays
  • Jeremy Affeldt
  • Denny Bautista

Once Mark Redmond recovers from his knee injury, I would suspect that the first starter bumped from his spot will be Hernandez. Perhaps a stint in AAA will encourage him to get in shape and learn to pitch effectively again.

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