Monday, October 31, 2005

"DePodesta is an Idiot"

I was listening to the Home Plate channel on my XM MyFi radio while mowing the lawn Saturday. The host, Holden Kushner (who I believe was a Kansas City radio guy for a while), was soliciting calls regarding the rumored firing of Dodger’s GM Paul DePodesta (The rumor came true later in the weekend).

Most callers were Dodgers fans who were glad to see DePodesta go. I believe most Dodgers fans got a bad taste in their mouths when DePodesta traded fan favorite Paul LoDuca to the Marlins. From that point forward, DePodesta was probably running uphill and it would have taken a World Series title to win favor with the fans.

It’s unfortunate because DePodesta is still a very intelligent and promising baseball GM. One day he will get another chance and will probably make the Dodgers sorry for their impatience with him.

This story reminds me of when I was in Surprise, AZ for Royals Spring Training this past March. Several of us fans were waiting for Jose Lima to come over and sign autographs. Lima pitched for the Dodgers the previous year and had a great game in the playoffs pitching a complete game shutout against the Cardinals. Several of the fans waiting there were Dodgers fans who loved Lima. When Lima finally made his way over to sign autographs, one Dodgers fan was chatting with Lima about DePodesta letting Lima go. Lima’s comment was “DePodesta is an idiot.”

Lima went on to pitch terribly for the Royals in 2005 (5-16, 6.99 ERA). I guess DePodesta wasn’t such an idiot after all.

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