Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Mid-Life Crisis

I fulfilled my mid life crisis today. I took delivery of a 2003 BMW 325i.

I had never driven a BMW before, and had only been in one once in my life.

My wife and I have been considering getting new vehicles, and I decided that I wanted some kind of small, sporty sedan. My only requirement was that it had a stick shift, was fun to drive, and would lower our existing monthly payments. My wife’s requirement is an SUV-type of vehicle, or a van that drives like a car. We have a Mercury Moutaineer which is very nice, but she feels like she’s driving a big truck in it.

So I was browsing the used car inventories of various dealerships around town when I happened upon this BMW 325i at the Volvo dealer. I stopped by and took it for a test drive, and I was hooked. The BMW is the most amazing car to drive. The acceleration is unbelievable, the cornering is incredible. It’s just a blast.

So, I bought it.

It’s totally impractical. Rear wheel drive with summer tires? Yeah, I’ll regret that come January (though I did work out a deal for new all-seasons with the dealership). A much smaller car than what we had before? But… fun as hell!

UPDATE: Just added pictures of the car here.

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